LA Lips

So what is L.A Lips™️?

L.A Lips™️ is a trademark technique founded by Lindsay Owens at Lindsay Owens Advanced Aesthetics. L.A Lips™️ isn’t a specific product or item but it is a perfected, professional and trusted lip filler technique. In simple terms, it is a stretched technique which makes the lips nice and flat and not lumpy like you see in other lip fillers.

​The reason why I have decided to make my own technique, as I wanted to master the art of the perfect lip injection. I wanted to offer a look to my clients that they haven’t ever experienced or seen before. With plenty of practice and self training, I have managed to find a technique to the perfect lip filler injection, L.A Lips™️ was then founded.

​From research that we carried out, we founded that no one has used this technique before nor has anyone even tried to use a different technique from the usual ones. Granted, the normal professional techniques that are used by other aesthetic professionals are still absolutely fantastic, and the results are still great. But here at Lindsay Owens Advanced Aesthetics, we want to be different and recognisable for our amazing work and our eye catching customer feedback from our new trusted L.A Lips™️ technique results.

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