All About Lindsay

I’m Lindsay Owens, the owner and the face behind the well known brand Lindsay Owens Advanced Aesthetics.

I’m 31, a mum of 2 beautiful little girls and an experienced business woman within this industry. 

This incredible journey started with opening my business in 2017, after falling out of love with my accounting profession of 10 years I had decided to get into the PMU industry, which had then grown onto wanting to enter the Aesthetics industry. I had the fire and passion burning inside of me in which I was willing to invest all my time, money and resources into researching, practising and now mastering my trade within the Aesthetics industry. As a company, we have spent thousands of pounds on training, including advanced aesthetics courses, complications courses and masterclasses to better myself as an aesthetics specialist in which I am now accredited to train other students also.

With my love and talent for what I do, I truly wanted to master my work and be the absolute best I could be. From opening my company back in 2017, to now owning two amazing clinics in Essex & Kent, having four incredibly talented members of staff join my team and trademarking my style of lip filling technique which is now becoming very widely well known all across the country. L.A Lips™️ is our biggest achievement as a company.

Like any passionate business woman, business to me was something I not only loved, but I was obsessed. I was truly obsessed with being able to help make my clients feel beautiful and amazing in their own skin, by the use of my treatments. Whether you are looking for a very subtle change or you would like something a bit more full on, whatever the treatment, we always aim for the best results and that is very much what we get every time.

Being able to organically grow my brand and constantly improving my talent within aesthetics and still currently holding an 100% customer satisfaction rate is one of my biggest personal achievements. Great client feedback is the heartbeat of my business, being able to help both men & woman feel amazing again, achieving incredible results every time is just an amazing feeling.

Building my brand popularity and gaining the trust and respect of all of my clients has allowed my company to receive regular clients now on a daily basis. From this, that has allowed me to grow the visibility of my brand within the aesthetics industry and help us help you by providing more as a company. This will organically allow Lindsay Owens Advanced Aesthetics to expand and in the future to provide more advanced treatments, training and also be able to sell a larger variety of treatments.

From starting off in my spare room at home, to now owning three premises and taking on four members of staff working for me. I pride myself on how hard I have worked as a single mum to build my empire and I am truly grateful for every single one of my clients for trusting me and continuing to return for treatments.

We can’t wait to see you in the clinics! xx

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